Thursday, July 08, 2010

Honey-do’s of Another Sort

Last month, we had an opportunity to take some great classes from a Baroque dance professor who was a beautiful dancer and extremely knowledgeable. As she fiddled with the CD player, she commented that she was used to working with live music, even for teaching classes. Nice!

The dance we learned started somewhat abruptly at the same moment as the music, without even a pickup note of warning, which is fine when the music is played live. The dancer and conductor can look at each other and begin on the same breath. With a CD, there’s no such grace, and you just have to catch up as the song begins.

We admired the music, which we assumed was a commercial recording, and she said that it was performed by her husband, on harpsichord. It must be nice to have that dancer-musician pairing in their extremely artistic home!

It did occur to me though - wouldn’t you just say, “Honey, I need a pickup note,” and get your spouse to record the piece again?

I suppose historic purists wouldn’t approve, but it seems expedient to me.


mayberry said...

Yes, why not take advantage of having an in-house performer?

Just caught up on everything--sealife, moomins, eyeballs and all!

Bob said...

A Pick-up note is absolutely necessary.
On DVD's they will give you a visual prompt of when to come in (singing).

Micheal Jackson had live music and wanted to give his own queue and the musicians had to watch very intently (This Is It).

Anonymous said...

Maybe it didn't occur to her that she would need a pick-up note until later? Hopefully she will correct it soon.

Also? There is something I love about the harpsichord.

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Baroque dancing, wow. Never thought of that. You have all the fun.

I saw this octopus craft and thought of you, naturally: