Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Cultural Understandings, Moomin-style

On my Nordic trip back in May, I brought home a counting board book for Buster.

It starts out very sweetly, with 1 sun and 2 trees.

It moves on to the weather, 3 umbrellas and 4 clouds.

5 butterflies and 6 flowers (not pictured), followed by 7 boats and 8 shells.

9 fish and 10 birds (not pictured.) Until the development of the northern oil fields, the national economy was largely based on fish and forestry. I like how the book charmingly focuses on important things to the local market.

Lastly, the cuddly Moomins sit under “many stars.”


Bob said...

I love the cute Moomins even when I was a kid but did not know where they came from. It's good to know the origin now.

Anonymous said...

I am not familiar with the Moomins. But now I sort of wish that I were. So sweet.