Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ballet Backyardigans

We picked up a Backyardigans DVD to occupy the boys on a plane flight, and so far, thumbs up. The stories are tolerable, characters are cute and the dancing is impressive for stubby, round animated creatures. The moose did a nice softshoe and the pink Uniqua showed off a jazz number, all perfectly articulated in the ankles and knees of these little dudes. Ballet too - pas de bourrée, chaîné turn, chaîné turn, first arabesque danced very clearly. Three cheers for children's programs that don't drive me up the wall (Dora, anyone?)!

P.S. Good news: Getting a notice that my iPhone 4 will arrive soon! Bad news: arrival will be four hours after I leave on vacation. Sigh. My office-mates will have to sign for it.


mayberry said...

I find the Backyardigans pretty tolerable, too. But here's a tip, do not go on and let the kids play the secret agent game. It NEVER ends and I'm not kidding.

Asianmommy said...

I like the Backyardigans, too. I had no idea they had such great dancing technique! :)

Bob said...

Have to watch it sometime. May be they used real dancers with location tracing ( ping pong ball like) points on their hips , knees, ankles and toes for their animation.

Anonymous said...

No iPhone 4 at all in Canada yet, so you'll get NO sympathy from me. ;)

And I agree on the Backyardigans. My only complaint is that I find myself humming their catchy tunes to myself. But really, worlds better than Dora and all that YELLING!