Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Random, Yet Useful

Where else but the blogosphere could I have learned about canoe strollers and pleasant smelling lice-prevention shampoo (filing that resource away for the future), not to mention mermice wedding cake toppers (yes, you rodent-lovers, check out the second photo on that link for mermaid-mice statuettes!)

The Silicon Valley Moms Blog (for which I periodically write) is shutting down at the end of the month. It’s sad to see it go, since the community has been so vibrant – sharing stories and information for four years. Not all the facts are known, but it seems the founders (brilliant, organized ladies who probably have a better handle on writing without parentheses than I do) have many professional and family commitments that need to take priority for a while. Anyhow, SV Moms will be missed, and I look forward to future ventures from all the other writers.

Speaking of other writers, if there’s one link you click, make it this one: 20 Things I Wish I’d Known at 20, by Maggie Mason. My favorite parts, especially since work is so complicated right now:

16. Focus. The saying, “what you’re thinking about is what you’re becoming” isn’t just chilling, it’s a universal law. Be aware of how you’re investing your attention – including your words, and your actions.

18. Don’t be intimidated. World travelers are just people who bought plane tickets. Pulitzer Prize winners are people who sit alone and write. You can break the most profound accomplishment down to a series of mundane tasks.


mayberry said...

Hey: I have written about canoe strollers AND good-smelling lice-preventing shampoo! I'll have to work on my mermice post.

Desiree said...

I am dreading the inevitable lice outbreak as we enter elementary school. The good thing about both of us having only boys is, we can just shave their heads if we get desperate. Can you imagine going through a headful of fine, long, baby hair with a fine toothed comb?!

Desiree said...

ps - I am also a big fan of using parentheses (in case you haven't noticed). ;)

Anonymous said...

That's too bad about the Silicon Valley Moms Blog.

And now I think I have to go read that Maggie Mason post!