Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Modern Fort

The boys have been constructing various houses, castles, and forts in their imagination from the big foam blocks (thanks RuggerMom and grandparents!), tables, and chairs. The toy workbench is set up nearby, and various tools are applied as necessary.

I asked why there was a basketball hoop on the roof of their construction. Q-ster explained, “It’s the satellite (dish.)”

I had no idea he even knew what a satellite dish was.


mayberry said...

Very clever! I love the action shots with the tools.

Bob said...

Constructing a castle is always fun, but now with satellite dish, it's even better. Or can you convince him it's a radar.

Mom101 said...

Your children are brilliant! I wonder what kind of programming they get in the castle.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how they glean all this information without our knowledge. I think it's how they end up smarter than us, in the end.

Desiree said...

That is hilarious. They definitely pick more stuff up than we know. Andrew and I passed a store with the same name as my friends baby the other day and Andrew told me I should take a picture of the sign with my phone and text it to my friend. What???!!! I can just picture him texting his friends on my phone when he starts Kindergarten.

On a side note, where did you get those big foam blocks? Those are really cool.