Tuesday, June 01, 2010

I, Maggie Mason

In which I actually take fashion advice!

I love Maggie Mason’s Packing Light series, where she shows the fabulous clothes she squeezes into her carry-on bags to go to exotic places and fulfill her Life List.

I was going to do a little post about my wardrobe from my last trip, but I’m so far behind in my posts that I’ll just show this pic instead. I’m wearing my new grey hoodie (designed by Avril Lavigne, embarrassingly enough), and an odd colored layering t-shirt underneath, on clearance for $5. I was totally inspired by Maggie, who wrote in this post, “I like to buy unusual colors so I can combine them with neutrals and have it look all artsy.”

One miracle is that I remembered that post and the second is that I went for it, instead of the usual black.


mayberry said...

You totally pulled it off! Love that hoodie.

Anonymous said...

That is actually helpful advice. Perhaps my own white, black and grey wardrobe could use some spicing up.