Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Travel is Different When You’re a Parent

This is for solo travel. When one is shepherding the kids, that’s even more different.

Example 1: I was looking at the 11 hour airplane flight and thinking that it might be the best thing ever, because I would be able to sleep. Since I was flying on the weekend and had worked feverishly preparing for the trip, I didn’t even feel the obligation to open my laptop and work.

Example 2: My colleagues were bellyaching about jet lag and waking up in the middle of the night. I blinked and said that I had fallen asleep the moment I hit the pillow and woken with just enough time to dress and catch the taxi. The solution to overcoming a nine hour time change? Be the parent to small children.

Although to be fair to said small children, they’ve been much more cooperative than the work schedule.

*The Opera House


Bob said...

The magic of parenting small children.

Anonymous said...

It's true, I definitely value peace and quiet in a way I didn't before. And I get sleep when I can, and handle it better when I can't. Score one for parents!

mayberry said...

Do you watch Modern Family? Yesterday there was a great line from the mom of three: "I'm a mom traveling with her kids. This isn't a honeymoon, it's a business trip."

Now that I have traveled with kids, I love love love traveling without them. Delayed flight? BRING IT ON. I will sit here with my book and my tea and be very very happy.

Stimey said...

Perspective is an amazing thing, huh?

coldspaghetti said...

Love the change of travel sans kids. Delays? Okay, that's fine. Move my seat to help someone out? Of course! I am the happiest person around and can be That Person who helps on planes. Delightful all around! :-)