Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Time Warp

I’m noticing what an enormous difference it makes to my temperament if we’re 5 minutes ahead on our schedule getting to school. If we’re late, I snap at Q-ster for dawdling in the bathroom, for trying to put his shoes on without using his hands, for running around the yard instead of getting into the car, for playing with his backpack instead of fastening his seatbelt – basically for all the usual infuriating stuff that a five year old kid does instead of Getting.Ready.To.Leave.Home.

When we have those extra five minutes, I can cajole him, make him laugh, smooth the way, and say good-bye at school with a light heart. It’s going to matter a lot more next year when we have school drop off every morning and tardiness gets marked against his record.

To balance out that introspective parenting thought, here’s a guilty pleasure: Does anyone else think it’s funny that there are Team Edward and Team Jacob band-aids for pre-order at Hot Topic? Don’t ask me why I was looking. I suppose they are for the clumsy Bella in one’s life.


Suzanne said...

I find myself doing the same thing. Behaviors that I might otherwise find cute or endearing become huge obstacles to just getting out the door. And my patience just decreases in proportion to how late we are!

mayberry said...

Hot Topic? We are going to have to talk.

I do feel exactly the same about the mornings. Let's GOOOOOO!

Bob said...

Recording tardiness at such an early age? Talk about stressing people out

Anonymous said...

Being late stresses me out, too. And the sad part is the lateness is pretty much always my fault.