Monday, May 24, 2010

Raising Polite Little Hoodlums

Apologies to those unfamiliar with High School Musical.

The Boys are Back . . . again. This time, with more bandanna! The micro dude emerged from his big brother’s bedroom with the yellow bandanna atop his head, and we just about died smothering our giggles. SwingDaddy retied it to look more tough (well, for a two (FIVE) year old) and less like a cleaning lady, and retrieved a black one (just like Troy's!) to satisfy Q-ster.

Re-enacting a medley of Getcha Head in the Game and Now or Never. We are going to a professional baseball game later in the summer, and I’ve already warned the boys that the players will only play the sport – they will not also sing, so we should be prepared and not be disappointed when they do not break into song at climactic moments.

Ah, were all life a Disney musical.


mayberry said...

Oh my -- the looks on their faces in that first photo! love it.

Bob said...

Looks great on them.
No wonder Disney lives on.