Sunday, May 23, 2010

My First Lab Report

Q-ster’s science experiments have been marinating since we set up the lab, so to avoid mold risk, I declared a policy that all lab equipment must be washed out each weekend. It was not well received. “Nooooooo, don’t pour them out!”

Now and again, I think of a good comeback. “Well, it’s time to write your lab report, otherwise you haven’t completed your SCIENCE.” The little dude was mollified.

I helped him with a few spellings, but he carefully recorded what had gone in the containers, and helped me clean them out. We saved one experiment, where he seems to have managed to formulate a sort of thick gel, almost a solid. I think we’ll observe it one more week.

We didn’t mix as many projects this time, since I suggested making Jello. Powder! Hot water to dissolve the powder! Cold water and ice to cool it down! Totally science, and edible to boot.


mayberry said...

I'm all for edible science! You get an A for creative parenting and distraction methods.

Desiree said...

There were two easy experiments that Andrew did in preschool which we recreated at home...don't know if you have tried these but if not I think Q will like them. Hope I am remembering them correctly.

"Fishes & Shark Juice"
Put some water in a bowl, add pepper to float on top, then add a drop of "shark juice" (dish soap) and watch what happens.

"Dancing Raisins"
Put soda water in a clear glass or jug. Add a raisin or two.

Anonymous said...

Jello is the kind of science I can totally get behind. And into. Whatever, you get my drift. ;)