Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Modern Era

So, so, so glad to see my boys on video today.

No progress on preventing shower splashing, but Mme A was kind enough to help with the i farta translation mystery - update at end of post.

In other news, my team went karaoke singing tonight after another long day of meetings. I managed to dodge the microphone, but caught a few dances with my new European colleagues. I’ve missed being in a population where one can assume all the men know how to dance. Must get babysitter when I arrive home so that SwingDaddy and I can get to a ballroom!


Anonymous said...

We heart Skype over here. We use it whenever my husband travels.

And I'm actually a little disappointed by the 'i farta' translation. It's not nearly as funny that way.

YF said...

adorable... love the pic. safe travels!

Asianmommy said...

Haha! I can't imagine a culture where all men can dance. :)

mayberry said...

What a great picture!

We went to a Dancing With the Stars-style fundraiser the other night, in which the "stars" were local folks including our next door neighbor. It was a RIOT.

Bob said...

It's amazing how optic fibers can transmit video without perceivable delay halfway across the globe. And such clear pictures too. Nothing like the TV anchors talking to someone via satellite.