Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Mid-Flight Movie Review

Besides sleep opportunities, a long flight also provided a chance to glimpse all the movies from the last year. At my usual movie consumption rate, it would have taken twelve years to prepare this review, but instead, it was just one lengthy zone across the ocean.

Invictus, starring Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela. This was awesome.

Need to Netflix this:
Sherlock Holmes, starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law. Looked fun, and I want to catch the bits I missed during turbulence announcements and meal service.

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The Book of Eli, starring Denzel Washington. It was kinda interesting and I want to see if I understand the plot twist, but not compelling enough to watch the whole thing.

Watched most of it and am now sort of irritated:
It’s Complicated, starring Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin. I like all three leads, I like the idea of a romantic movie for grown-ups, I like the relationship that Meryl’s character has with her children, and the premise is fun. The amount of alcohol featured (and a bit of pot) was enough to marinate a full sized pig. I’d rather they came up with more interesting plot devices than getting-drunk-and-making-bad-choices montages.

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Me and Orson Wells, starring Zac Efron. Love Zac from HSM, but the two scenes I saw were dull and flat.
Leap Year, starring Amy Adams. It was so painful that I didn’t even make it through a single scene.

I also saw a few scenes of the Tolstoy movie (Helen Mirren, Christopher Plummer), but I think it would take more concentration than I had to spare while trying to get a little work done, nap, and exercise my long-unused movie-selection muscles.

Did I make the right call on what to watch? Have any of you seen Invictus too?


mayberry said...

I have seen exactly none of those, but your top two are also on my "watch someday" list.

Stimey said...

Wow, my airplane trips are always the kind where you're forced to watch one movie and it's a really bad one.

Obviously I haven't been on a long flight for a while.

fourthbreakfast said...

Yes, we saw Invictus in the theatres and we loved it. The Serene One was a fan of that '95 team: Francois and Chester, etc.

We felt pretty ignorant though--The Serene One has been wearing his Springboks rugby jerseys since before '94, and we didn't realize that it might be a political statement. He's only ever received compliments (from white South Africans hoping to find a fellow countryman). Maybe I should brush up my half-written post on Invictus and publish it now that someone else has actually seen it.

Bummed to hear about Leap Year. I love Amy Adams.

Sherlock Holmes--super fun. I think Jude Law was excellent casting against RD Jr.

Bob said...

We'll make a try at Invictus ( Could change it to "invite us")and Sherlock Holmes.