Monday, May 31, 2010

Best Thing Ever

This afternoon, Buster saw me sitting on the couch and ran over to crawl into my lap. “Love you too!” he said. My heart melted. The very first “love” words from him.

Just to note that it’s not all hearts and roses around here, I almost followed yesterday’s “Sharing” post with today's “Whining” post.

We had a couple of discipline issues with Q-ster last week, some of which probably stem from us expecting him to behave in ways that are developmentally far beyond what a five year old can handle. In any case, I was doing some research reading on the web when I came across a mother asking if it was ok to put her preschooler in a cardboard box in the dark as punishment. Waaa! She hastened to add that the box didn’t have a lid, so it was fine, right?

I think that it was probably written by a troll hoping to stir controversy rather than a real mom who was packaging her kids, but the psychologist writing the column handled it adroitly and suggested the questioner take a parenting class.

So now when one or another little person is being difficult, SwingDaddy and I whisper ‘cardboard box’ to each other and giggle.


Bob said...

What a sweet thing to say to Mom.

mayberry said...

My kids hang out voluntarily in cardboard boxes all the time! But I always give them a flashlight.

Anonymous said...

ohhh, wonderful words from Buster!
no box that time, heh.

A few days ago, RR mumbled something that sounded like 'mama... I love you.' For an instant I was very excited... until she continued singing more clearly 'mamas on the bus say I love you, I love you', totally oblivious to me nearby. oh well.