Thursday, May 27, 2010

Beautiful Biellmanns at Stars On Ice

Every year, SwingDaddy, my sister, and I make our pilgrimage to the Stars on Ice show and have a great time. This year was no exception. They usually come to Northern California in January, but they delayed the tour start until the Olympics were over, giving them the benefit of fewer conflicts and the audience the enjoyment of seeing newly minted Olympic champions.

Sasha Cohen, beautiful as ever. I really like how she’s matured as a performer.

Michael Weiss, my favorite, although Tanith and Ben are giving him a run for the money.

The aforementioned Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto, dancing a great number showing the progression of a relationship from children to teens to love as adults, complete with quick on-ice costume changes.

The cast goes Lady Gaga.

Yuka Sato is awesome.

Meryl David and Charlie White, in an innovative Indian piece.

I’ve always loved the Biellmann spin, but it seems like it’s become a mandatory trick. I looked it up on Wikipedia, and there’s actually a section on “Biellmann spin, Overuse.” In any case, the skaters still look great. Here’s Alissa Czisny.

And Mirai Nagasu.

And Sasha again.

The individual numbers were fantastic, but I noticed a distinct lack of the pieces I most love about Stars on Ice – the combinations of skaters in trios and quartets that you would never see in competition (Four Corners, the Red Hat ensemble, Sunscreen, etc). It doesn’t count when everyone’s on the ice, but just doing arm motions in synchrony. Those are fun too, but not the same as an intricate number. I imagine that there was not as much time to rehearse this year, coming off the Olympics, so hopefully this will improve next season.

When we saw the two dance teams together, we said, “Ahhh, THIS is what we come to see!”

Sasha and Alyssa had a nice number together too.

Shen Zue and Zhao Hongbo have such breathtaking throws, as well as a romantic story. He proposed to her on the ice after they finished the performance that would win them their third World Championship.

Thanks to the Stars On Ice Fan Club, I got to meet them!

Thanks to the skaters and production team for a great show, and thanks to SwingDaddy for taking these amazing pictures!


ElisaC said...

Great shots! I agree it was a fund show, but could have used a little more 'zazz ;)

Thansk for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Some great shots. Looking fwd to next yr.

Fourth Breakfast

Maria said...

What a terrific post! I think your perspective on the show is right on target and the pictures are fantastic. And how cool that you got to meet Shen and Zhao! Thanks for sharing this :)

mayberry said...

great photos! Jo is doing a synchronized figure skating camp this summer. Maybe you'll have to catch one of their shows ;)

Bob said...

Great shots, makes me want to see the show. You should charge them for Ads.

Anonymous said...

Those are some great photos. And lucky you, getting to meet some of the skaters!

Anonymous said...
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