Sunday, May 16, 2010

And Now I Need To Make a Lab Coat

After previous stern talkings-to about not leaving bowls of liquid in dresser drawers, no matter the scientific intent, the little dude was busted again last week. Nanny J opened a bathroom drawer and found a cup of rice soaked in water. Clearly, the admonishments were not working, but we didn’t want to punish him, since we like his interest in SCIENCE.

The compromise was to designate a (safer) space for his experiments. My mom suggested the big counter in the downstairs bathroom, and Q-ster eagerly agreed. I taped off a corner where he can leave his projects to marinate, and he set to work today.

I can’t wait to see what’s next.


mayberry said...

Oh yes. A lab coat! Perfect.

Anonymous said...

Masking tape. Makes me all teary eyed thinking of kanban and kit cart delineations:)

Fourth B

Bob said...

It's in the genes, and what an expression.

Anonymous said...

That last photo is just perfection.

Do keep us up to date on his great discoveries!