Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Zombie Cling Wrap and More Non Sequitur Theater

1) We’re in a grudge match with a roll of Glad Cling Wrap. Cling Wrap doesn’t actually, well, CLING to anything useful, like plates of food that need covering, but our old supermarket didn’t carry Saran Wrap. Our new supermarket does indeed carry Saran Wrap, and we’ve bought a roll, eagerly awaiting the moment when we run out of Cling Wrap.

Sadly, it’s been months. SwingDaddy used miles of it to cover the bandages on his leg during post-operation showers, and there’s still plenty left on the roll. It’s like the undead Cling Wrap – it won’t go away.

2) Public service announcement from my parents: Watch this two minute Consumer Reports video on how to stop an accelerating car. (Yes, by using the brakes, of course, but there’s a tip about putting the car in neutral and why, if the car seems to be accelerating without your direction.)

3) My hair isn’t long enough to put in a pony tail anymore, so for ballet class, I pull the hair near my face into two small rubber bands on top of my head. According to Q-ster, this makes me look like Viper from Kung Fu Panda, which is appropriate, since she’s voiced by Lucy Liu.


mayberry said...

I hope SwingDaddy doesn't have to have another surgery to finally get rid of that Cling Wrap! (I almost wrote "wrid" there.)

Bob said...

Cute viper, Q-ster has good observations.