Sunday, April 25, 2010

What Time is It?

Q-ster is learning to tell time on an old-fashioned analog clock and is making some progress. Of course, this coincides with both boys loving to sing, What Time is It from High School Musical 2, the big opening number where the cast sings about “Summer time! It’s our vacation!”

Buster particularly likes that part about enjoying vacation. Dude, you’re two years old. Every day is a vacation. (“I’m five!” he protests.)

I pointed out to SwingDaddy that we mostly need to convince him that the most important line is, “No more getting up at 6am,” and maybe he’ll sleep in. So far, no luck.

Here’s Q-ster dressed as Troy. He’s quite pleased with his plaid shirt.

In other news, I’m getting ready for a big international trip for work, if the volcano gods are cooperative. Tonight I reminded SwingDaddy to take the school medical forms to Q-ster’s pediatrician’s appointment in case I meet with an unlucky fate and can’t be there to do it. It’s the last form we need in order to complete kindergarten registration.

He laughed, but I couldn’t help mentioning it, like a charm to keep bad things from happening. Before we headed to the hospital for Q-ster’s birth five years ago, I pulled out the folder with our wills and medical directives so they’d be easily accessible. I can’t be the only one this nutty, so feel free to chime in.

Do you remember when those two American journalists were imprisoned in North Korea? One of the women was able to send a message to her husband through an ambassador, and she used the precious words to remind him to register their four-year-old daughter for school. Obsessives of the world, unite!


mayberry said...

You're a good scout - Be Prepared!

Love Q rockin' the Boys Are Back look.

Bob said...

Q-ster looks really cool in the plaid shirt.
Glad we don't have to sacrifice someone to the volcano god.

YF said...

I hadn't heard that about the journalist, that is too funny! The husband is probably like "you are nagging me from prison? - seriously?!" :-) I have the forms, filled out and all - and I DID have to drive them back over AFTER the appointment as I forgot. I need a Monica! But now, I am not sure what to do with them - drive them to school I guess?

Anonymous said...

Yay obsessives! Sometimes you just have to dot those Is and cross those Ts.

Anonymous said...

at least you don't have to remind your husband to CASH CHECKS!! I'm not making this up!! Monsieur A regularly has to have checks reissued because he regularly forgets to cash them before they expire....
Mme A