Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Very Two

Two years ago today, I woke up with a headache. I was thirty-eight weeks pregnant, and having had pre-eclampsia the first time around, was highly suspicious. I called my colleague and canceled lunch plans. Then I called the senior vice president at work and left him a message to finalize my product pricing with the vice president and hurry up about it, because the baby was due imminently. I waited impatiently for my OB’s office to open.

At nine a.m. on the dot, I called and reported the headache. The doctor told me to come in right away to check my blood pressure. I paused to throw together a bag – shirt and pants, camera and charger, a few other necessities – and left it by the bedside, in case we needed to leave in a hurry. I’d spent a couple of days on bed rest due to pre-eclampsia before my first son was born, so that was probably going to be the diagnosis.

I grabbed my purse and drove to the OB’s office. High blood pressure indeed! After a rest period and a second check, it was still high. “What’s the safest thing to do?” I asked.

“Deliver,” she said. “You have a full term baby. There’s no reason to wait until there’s a problem.” She called the hospital across the street and confirmed they had a bed. “Go over and check yourself in.”

Ooooh, yeah. Not quite ready for this. “Can I go home first?”

“Why? Have your husband bring your bag. Just go.”

I walked out the door and sat in my car for a few moments, adjusting my mental state. I called SwingDaddy, who was about to give a demo at work. “Finish the demo, honey, then get our stuff and come to the hospital.”

I called my parents, who were at my sister’s house, caring for her and her newborn. “I’m about to deliver the baby. Could you please come over and take care of Q-ster tonight when Nanny J goes home?”

I drove across the street and walked up to Labor and Delivery by myself, with nothing but my purse. “Hi!” They were somewhat surprised, as moms-to-be usually come accompanied by more people and certainly more gear.

I sat on the hospital bed, eyeing the pitocin drip and waiting for a nurse to hook it up, when my contractions started. I’ve always been highly suggestible, but I like to think that the timing was just right this time.

Labor progressed for a couple of hours, and at 8pm, I noticed there was a TV in the room. I said to SwingDaddy, "Let’s watch Dancing with the Stars!” Nurses came in and out of the room during the program. I was trying to have an appropriate demeanor, to show that I was serious about getting the baby out. But we were also trying to watch the show! Fortunately, we managed to watch Kristi Yamaguchi’s number in between questions.

Buster was kind enough to wait until all the dances were finished before he was in the right position to push. Twenty minutes later, we had a healthy, beautiful boy.

A blessing.

After Q-ster’s more complicated birth (pre-eclampsia, pitocin, magnesium, hospitalization for everyone in the family including SwingDaddy), it was pretty close to perfect (well, if you ignore the C-section scare we had about half way through the evening).

(And continuing the tangential parentheticals, if you remember to way back at the beginning of the story, I did get a voicemail back from the SVP, saying he’d sorted out the pricing and to go ahead and have my baby now. I got to leave him a reply saying, “I already have, thank you.”)

You are a joy, my boy. You make me light up when I walk in the door and you say, “Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy!”

Happy Birthday, Buster.


mayberry said...

I don't know if I've ever heard that whole story, but I do remember the part about DWTS! Happy birthday, Buster!

Bob said...

That was quite a day! Glad all turned out so well. Happy Birthday Buster.

Anonymous said...

Aw, what a sweet little boy. And what a great story. I'm glad it all worked out for you.

Happy birthday, Buster! :)

Asianmommy said...

Aww...Happy Bday to Buster!

Anonymous said...


Fourth B

Anonymous said...

Hooray, happy TWO, Buster!
What a day you had, wow.