Friday, April 16, 2010

Tiny Shins, a Fun Phrase to Say

Q-ster’s been enjoying an Intro to Sports class where the kids play baseball one week, touch football the next, and progress to basketball and soccer, learning a few basic skills and rules each session. It seemed like it was time to spend more than thirty-five minutes in the same sport, so I enrolled him in a soccer class.

SwingDaddy found a local shop and brought home the world’s tiniest shin guards, which is appropriate since Q-ster has tiny shins. I stood corrected on the sizing though, since SwingDaddy pointed out that they were size smalls and the store also carried extra-small and extra-extra-small. I guess kids really start out young in sports these days.

Today was his first class, and he had a good time. Hopefully, it’ll continue.

In a completely unrelated note, we watched Kung Fu Panda recently, and you must see this really awesome special feature from the DVD. Alton Brown introduces the chef from Mr. Chow’s of Beverly Hills, who proceeds to create hundreds of beautiful noodles with his hands within minutes. So cool.


mayberry said...

Go Q!

I love that clip on Kung Fu Panda. I saw something like that at a restaurant in Hong Kong ages ago. Really amazing.

Bob said...

Never had shin guards before when I played soccer, safety first nowadays.
He looks nimble.

Anonymous said...

My daughter is starting her first soccer class tomorrow. She's very excited, and I'm hoping it goes well. We may be in the market for tiny shin guards soon, too.

Asianmommy said...

Love that noodle-making clip. So cool!