Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Release the Kraken*

After a wrestling match over my big plush cephalopod: “Hey, this is MOMMY’s OCTOPUS!”

And a gift made at preschool labeled, “JILEFISH (Jellyfish), From Q-ster to Mommy.” I’m glad the boys are so understanding about cute sea life.

*Updated: I realized after I hit post that I missed the opportunity for a Clash of the Titans reference, so I changed the post title. Except that the first picture of Buster wrestling Opus looks more like the leggy Pirates of the Caribbean kraken, not the original Clash of the Titans kraken, and I haven't yet seen the remake, and what is a Norwegian kraken doing in a Greek myth anyway, and well, nevermind. But I'm keeping the new title.

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Anonymous said...

Aw, that jellyfish is a keeper, for sure!