Monday, April 19, 2010

Paula Deen Would Be SO Not Impressed

I baked red velvet cupcakes from Paula Deen’s recipe (Go Food Network website!), and they tasted pretty decent, but somehow I missed the proportions on the cream cheese frosting, because it was sort of thin and watery, compared to my last go at the recipe.

I suppose it didn’t matter much because (a) my hand skills are sketchy enough that the cupcakes would probably still looked messy even if the frosting was perfectly composed, (b) the birthday boy is two years old and not really picky about aesthetics, and (c) cupcakes, what else matters but getting to eat them?

A side note – I was disappointed to discover that the red in red velvet comes from food coloring, not some mysterious ingredient. Where’s the fun in that?

Buster has also been enjoying his new fire truck (from the movie Cars), stickers and blanket (from the movie Cars), and Hot Wheels cars. Thank you to all the grandparents! You understand our child well.


Bob said...

Shows great concentration on the firetruck-good photo

mayberry said...

Just love that last photo with the red geranium outside the window.

I have a pair of red shoes that I can't figure out how to wear. I think I need you to teach me.

Anonymous said...

That's pretty disappointing about the food colouring. I would have thought it was something more exciting than that, too.

And those cupcakes look pretty good from here, 'perfect' icing or no.