Wednesday, April 21, 2010


You might recall that earlier this month, I opened the top drawer under Q-ster’s bathroom sink and found a cup filled with water and toothpaste. When questioned, he responded that it was SCIENCE, and we learned that the dyes in colored toothpaste wash off in quite dramatic form.

Well, I should have kept going, because the following week, I opened the second drawer and found it filled with cups of indeterminate liquids and goop. There is no photograph of that truly eyebrow raising spectacle, because Buster was with me and he was all ready to dive in. His big brother had actually done a pretty good job of lining up the cups so that nothing spilled during the experiment.

I quickly dumped the cups into the sink, discovering that this time, there were several different types of toothpaste, and in two cases, diaper rash cream. We had another little talk about unauthorized locations for substance abuse, but I’ll still give him credit for creativity.

In case you missed this post, I think it didn't show up in feed readers last week. My Children, Doing Their Darndest to Suffocate Themselves. Because after all, there has to be something to do when one is not mixing potions.


Anonymous said...

I have such mixed feelings when I find these things. On the one hand, who wants to stifle science? On the other hand, the answer might be me.

mayberry said...

Haha, Amber!

What is it about kids and making
"mixtures" in the name of science/art/cooking?!

Dionna @ Code Name: Mama said...

I'm with Amber - my skin crawls whenever I find something ghastly to clean (and my son is only 28 months, I cringe to think of what he will do a year or two from now!), but I don't want to stop his creativity.

Asianmommy said...

Haha! How funny!