Thursday, April 01, 2010

Kick, Baby, Kick

Photo credit: Patrick Tower

One of the highly random goals I’ve made for myself is to be able to do the splits by my next birthday. This is pretty unrealistic, since I’ve never been particularly flexible as a dancer anyway, plus I lost a lot during my last pregnancy, but I figured that it was now or never. If I put five minutes into it every day, perhaps I can at least get a good heel stretch out of it.

I’ve managed to get back into the habit of a weekly ballet class, which I’m really, really loving. It’s nothing compared to the old days – three classes and three rehearsals every week – but then again, nothing much is the same as those days, besides enjoying life as I’m living it. I’m learning to appreciate whatever dance time I can get.

After a good workout last week, I figured I might as well know where I stood and let loose with a couple of high kicks in front of the studio mirror. I got ‘em back!

It’s especially motivating because I’m meeting with a friend tomorrow night to work on a Charleston number that we’re performing this summer. Two of my original dancers (left and right above) have moved out of town, so I’m dancing one role and she’ll be dancing the other. I can’t wait!

In a totally related story (unlike my usual non sequiturs), Buster likes us to keep him company while he falls asleep, so on my nights putting him to bed, I stand in the dark in his room, alternating legs propped up on the rail of his changing table, stretching. He’s supposed to be sleeping, or at least trying to sleep, so I didn’t think he was watching me. Well, the child pays attention.

This morning, I came out of the bathroom to see the boys doing their stretches too. They could use a little work on their turnout, but intent is there.


Anonymous said...

Aw, that's pretty sweet, the boys trying to be like their mama. :)

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So cute!

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Very cool!