Saturday, April 24, 2010

Icon Fail

I had some car maintenance done yesterday and the dealership gave me a rental car to use while I was waiting. It was a PT Cruiser, a vehicle we’d briefly considered before buying my Honda. Boy, did we make the right decision.

I still think that the PT Cruiser has a cute, 1930’s retro-vibe, but it’s a better fit for a bigger person. The seat just doesn’t fit my body type, my foot can’t rest of the floor when I’m holding down the brake pedal, and closing the trunk is a strain.

Plus, it seemed like there was no air conditioning. Finally, at a red light, I looked more carefully at an icon I thought pictured a gear and realized that it was a snowflake. Ah, AC. Now why there would be an icon symbolizing a gear, I don’t know, but that’s what I thought it was.

Follow up to Thursday’s post: Q-ster and I hit the thrift shop today and believe it or not, found a long sleeved, red plaid shirt in size 5T for $2. He’s so set.


Bob said...

A plaid shirt in 5T. That's hard to come by.

Anonymous said...

We drove some rental PT Cruisers on a trip once, and I'm with you. It looks great, but I don't think I'd want one all the time.

And score on the shirt!

mayberry said...

The boy is back!! (And I hope your car is/will be ASAP.)