Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Boys are Back

All I can say is “Thank God I like High School Musical too,” because we run the three soundtracks pretty endlessly in the car these days. Q-ster’s favorite YouTube video is The Boys are Back, where best buds Troy and Chad sing and dance in a junkyard.

Both of my boys do their best to re-enact the scene, jumping off furniture, striking poses, and copying the moment when Chad rolls on a giant tire.

There’s nothing quite like a barely-two year old trotting around, muttering, “Boys . . . back . . . boys . . . back,” while his brother corrects him. “It’s THE boys ARE back.”

Today, Q-ster wore a red fleece jacket over a white shirt and borrowed his dad’s bandana. He said he wanted a shirt just like Troy’s.

Me: You’d like a plaid shirt?
Q-ster: NOOOO! I hate plaid.

Me: Troy wears a plaid shirt in that scene.
Q-ster: No, he doesn’t.
Me: Do you know what plaid is?

After a brief explanation, he agreed.

So far, Buster is content to play the supporting roles (best friend, Ewok, and so forth), but we’ll see what happens when he gets more articulate. Q-ster took it pretty well when Buster insisted on being INDY JONES, and both of them were Indy together, so there is some hope for avoiding total imaginary character annihilation.

P.S. Does anyone else think that Albuquerque gets an unusually high number of rainy days in the HSM series? Or maybe it just rains in New Mexico when someone has an emotional song.


Stimey said...

I can honestly (and happily) say that I have never seen that movie.

My sister lives in Albuquerque though, and I have to say, I don't think it rains that much there. If it did, why would all the front lawns be made out of dirt? 'Cause they are.

Bob said...

That was a high energy number. No wonder the boys liked it. Glad that they are into music and dance again.

mayberry said...

Do they just love it when the big boys turn into little boys? That's our favorite part over here.

Anonymous said...

I am also wondering what's going to happen when the little one isn't happy to play the role assigned anymore. I'm hoping that, given that I have a girl and a boy, we won't run into too many character-related conflicts.