Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What a Difference a Year Makes

Our big boy’s fifth birthday party a few weeks ago. I had high hopes that all would go well, and indeed it did.

Q-ster was great. He played lightsabers with his guests, led the action, reveled in the attention, ate his pizza, blew out candles, devoured his cupcake, and said “thank you” and “thank you for coming” at all the appropriate times.

Buster was great. He wasn’t shy, didn’t need me to carry him the whole time, played lightsabers when he could, got out of the way when things were too wild, ate his pizza with the big boys, waited patiently though the birthday song before attacking a cupcake, and let us clean him up afterwards.

SwingDaddy was great. He blew up lightsaber balloons, tied the blindfolds for pin-the-explosion on-the-spaceship, helped clean up, and didn’t develop appendicitis.

All in all, a massive triumph over last year’s experience, when SwingDaddy’s health took a rapid downward turn two hours before our guests arrived, leaving me to host a few dozen people, including fourteen children age four and under, all with one hand, since Buster was nervous and required me to hold him under one arm throughout the entire party.

I must admit to muttering under my breath, he’d better be really sick, as I plowed through the preparations solo, and he certainly was. SwingDaddy went through such a battery of tests in the days following that we were relieved that it was only appendicitis.

In spite of the complications the fourth birthday party was still lots of fun, helped in large part by my sister, who kept an eye on the homemade pizzas in the oven, and the other moms who served the Millenium Falcon cake while I comforted Q-ster. The little dude was alarmed by the sudden attention during the birthday song and refused to blow out his candles.

This year - no such worries. He was surrounded by his best friends, and at age five, is a pro at the whole birthday thing.

We kicked off the festivities with issuing each boy a long skinny balloon and unleashed them upon our living room. There are times where our lack of furniture is a distinct advantage, and this was one of them. After forty-five minutes of intense running, sliding, whooping, and battling, the room got suddenly quiet. The children drifted off to sides of the room, sat down next to their parents. All of them, all of these five year old boys had expended so much energy that they were actually tired!

It seemed like a good time to transition to a lower energy pin-the-tail type game, which got progressively more entertaining as they started coaching each other which way to go. SwingDaddy started rotating each child the opposite direction from the previous child to see if that affected where they’d pin their explosion, but somehow they were all drawn to the top right corner of the target poster.

Grandma N was with us, making friends with all the guests, big and small, and helped us shoo everyone into the kitchen for pizza and cake. The pizza was Domino’s delivery this time, and the cake was simpler too.

I was able to convince Q-ster that we could line up rows of cupcakes and make them look like lightsabers. Between last year’s Millenium Falcon cake and Q-ster’s original request of a pastry battle scene replica, this design was a piece of . . . well, you know.

It was a happy day, and a good year to come.


mayberry said...

The good thing about appendicitis is you KNOW you won't get it twice!

I love the light saber cupcake set-up. It just occurred to my husband and me last night that we need two birthday cakes. This weekend!

Anonymous said...

Man, sorry we missed it this year.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad the party was a success.

And mmm, cupcakes!

Bob said...

A Real Happy Birthday indeed!