Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Taking Casual Fridays a Step Too Far

My free shipping coupon expires tomorrow, so I need your advice fast!

Some background is in order.

Shortly after Buster was born, SwingDaddy’s mom and stepdad sent us the perfect PajamaGrams for the parents of a newborn: camouflage PJs emblazoned with “Fatigued.” Since then, I receive PajamaGram e-newsletter, and the most recent issue featured a deeply intriguing item.

The PajamaJean. They look like jeans, but they feel like pajamas.

Now, you all know that we’re fans of comfy pants around here, but I didn’t order them, because I was afraid they wouldn’t look convincing enough as real clothing.

Then I ran across this article by Laura Wheeler, a journalist who wore PajamaJeans during Fashion Week in New York, obtaining positive reviews from Sarah Jessica Parker, stylists, and editors. Hmmm, if they pass the test in NYC, perhaps they’re worth giving a try.

There wasn’t universal approval of the PajamaJean. Designer Issac Mizrahi said he understood the need for variety, but hoped women would still occasionally summon the courage to wear their “pencil skirts and high heels.”

That last bit makes me laugh, especially having seen a retweet from Catherine Clifford stating that 73% of professional (business) women suffer from shoe related health issues. I like to look professional, but not enough to damage my feet and back in the process.

It’s ironic that as Wheeler puts it, “Standard blue jeans were once the hallmark of comfort, but suddenly, in the sweatpants-clad US of A, that's not enough.”

Indeed, it’s not. We want our fuzzy pants.

So, should I order?

P.S. Let me know if you want the shipping code too!


Mir said...

Resist, RESIST! These things and "jeggings" are going to be the downfall of modern society. Seriously, you want comfy pants, wear comfy pants. You want jeans, wear jeans. But these make me twitch a little.

Bob said...

Do we really know that they are comfortable and not tight. If they are, buy them.

mayberry said...

I feel like those might be a slippery slope. I'm gonna side with Mir on this one.

Stimey said...

I think you should buy them so that you can then tell us what you think. I'm dying to know. But not enough, you know, to buy them.

Stimey said...

And, hey, worst case scenario, you can wear them as pjs.

Anonymous said...

I would probably buy them. And wear them. I live in jeans, but who couldn't use a little more comfort?

Cold Spaghetti said...


Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Hmm, I guess I'd have to see them up close. I don't exactly dress up as a SAHM, but I like to look "put together."