Sunday, March 28, 2010

Letters from the Future, Party Dress from the Past

Q-ster’s been fascinated with writing for a couple of months and regularly copies words that he sees on our desks. I see his notebook covered with lists like this:


More recently, he’s taken to sounding out words and writing his own notes. Last week, we came home to find our home office door closed and the following notice tacked to it via Post-It Note:


(Sorry, the office is closed.) The little dude had distributed his toys across the entire floor and didn’t want to clean it up, so he was warning us not to go in.

On my last shopping trip for myself (in January, I think, as opposed to the seemingly weekly shopping trips for the boys while we get through the size and season change), I picked up a really cute tiered black dress. I love tiered ruffles, and I didn’t want the style to pass without getting to wear them at least once!

I can’t find an exact image of the dress, but it’s something like above. The question I’m asking myself is, am I too old to wear a dress this short? It’s just interesting to need to start thinking about age-appropriate in the other direction . . .

And in a third, unrelated topic to wrap up today’s non sequitur theatre, I found the perfect beach towel at Pottery Barn Kids. They also have an octopus plush, but it’s not nearly as cute as O-pus.


mayberry said...

Hmph, none of the pictures are showing up right now. I'll have to come back to weigh in on the dress! I love love love kids' writing - so fun. Our boy writes his name on everything and jams his last initial right into his name: OWENH. (Imagine it with a backwards N, though.)

mayberry said...

OK, now I saw it. I like the dress and think you can still wear it!

fourthbreakfast said...

huh. I can't see the dress either.

Bob said...

Great phonetic spelling skill.
Definitely got his idea across.

Kimberly said...

Love the dress - go for it!

Anonymous said...

if you enjoy wearing it, I think you should!!
Mme A

Dionna @Code Name: Mama said...

A cute dress like that is a state of mind, not an age - right? :)

Anonymous said...

I love that note. So, so sweet!