Monday, March 22, 2010

Hostage to the Knock Knock Joke

My post What Circle of Hell Holds the Knock Knock Joke is over at Silicon Valley Moms Blog today, and I encourage you to read just how silly our little household has gotten so that the rest of this post makes sense. Or as much sense as it can, given it’s about preschool comedians.

The sequel occurred tonight, when the micro dude started telling his own knock knock jokes, with complete understanding of the format, but as little comprehension about the humor part as his big brother.

Almost Two: Knock knock!
Five Year Old: Who’s there?
Almost Two: Eyeball (his brother’s favorite)
Five: Eyeball who?
Almost Two: Eyeball shirt!
(Hilarity ensues)

Yep, they are their own self-contained knock knock unit now.

For those of you familiar with High School Musical, we’ve got another call and response thing going.

Five Year Old: What team?!
Almost Two: Wildcats!


Bob said...

Children's laughter:- priceless.

Mayberry said...

W! I! L-D! Wildcats!

Desiree said...

Oh my gosh, Andrew is eyeball obsessed too. He thinks that is the most hilarious word. Nostril and armpit tie for second. :)

Anonymous said...

I remember those sorts of jokes from my current 5-year-old when she was younger. These days, when she really wants to be funny, she just incorporates the word 'poop'.