Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Flat Shoes and Bag Lunches

I was in the financial district this morning on business and walked past my old office building from when I was a consultant at the Firm. I learned a lot in my four years there, and a bunch of funny memories came rushing back.

I did my tour in the mid-90's. Yet, the dress required to be considered “professional” wasn’t all that different from when my mom worked in the college library in the 60's and couldn’t wear pants to work.

Women were expected to wear a suit every day, which meant a proper suit with skirt. Pant suits weren’t formal enough. The dress code also included pantyhose and heels, of course, so I was quite the rebel for wearing flat shoes.

The conditions for professional dress changed radically when we started doing projects for high tech firms that disliked how much the consultants looked out of place next to their casually dressed employees. Ahhhh, how nice it was to wear pants to work.

Another oddity was that the Firm didn’t consider it professional to bring one’s lunch from home. We were expected to go out to eat and never be seen with food at the client site.

Where I work now, showing your dedication during a busy week includes “working through lunch” and eating at one’s desk. I’m not sure which is a crazier mindset, but I’m certainly happy to be done with pantyhose.


Bob said...

"Progress" is great!
So glad that we don't have to wear a tie. And best of all"No smoking in the office"

mayberry said...

That's so odd about not eating lunch in the office. Like you're a robot who doesn't consume human food!

Anonymous said...

I can imagine how out of a place heels would be in a high tech workplace. My work uniform when I was a programmer was jeans and Skechers. Comfort ruled!

Asianmommy said...

I can't remember the last time I wore pantyhose. So nice!