Thursday, March 18, 2010

Across the Lego Field

We probably have more than the GNP of some small countries invested in Lego, but boy does it keep the boys occupied creatively.

Q-ster finished writing the thank you notes for his birthday gifts last weekend (the source of much of the plastic extravaganza photographed with his little brother above.)

We talk about why we say ‘thank you’ quite often, and I remarked, “It’s important to write notes so that people know how much you liked their present.”

He added, “And if I don’t like the present . . .”

I froze in terror.

He finished, “I say thank you anyway.”

Yes, he’s been paying attention! A rare parenting win on manners.


Stimey said...

Wow, good for you!! Those moments that let you know that you're doing something right are wonderful, huh?

We also live in Lego land. It's a fun and creative place to be.

Bob said...

Good reply.

Anonymous said...

Score one for the Q-ster and his parents!

Asianmommy said...

Yay! Good job, Mommy. :)

Cold Spaghetti said...

Love that Lego Field!

mayberry said...


I loved your line "I froze in terror." (We've all been there!)