Wednesday, February 10, 2010

You Know You’re a Parent of Young Children

. . . when you’re sitting with your husband in the pre-op room at the hospital waiting for the surgeon to finish the previous operation on the schedule and you both realize that the last time the pair of you had a leisurely, uninterrupted conversation of this length was in the pre-op room prior to his appendectomy last spring.

We were both so tired from working late last night to wrap projects for work that he wondered whether he would need anesthesia or just pass out on his own.

Anyway, the ACL repair went great, and SwingDaddy’s knee is carefully encased in a sophisticated water-cooling system.

The boys were happy to see us when we got home in the afternoon, and the cavalry has arrived in the form of my parents, who have already corralled the light saber forces of the household and made an ice run.

Thanks for all your kind wishes.


Anonymous said...

I hope that SwingDaddy's recovery is swift and smooth, and that you have a chance to have a good, long talk outside of pre-op sometime in the not-so-distant future.

I think the last time my husband and I had a good, long, uninterrupted talk was in the waiting room during my daughter's surgery in October. Sadly, we were too stressed out to enjoy it.

Stimey said...

I'm glad everything went well, and I hope that the two of you get to have some time alone soon that doesn't involve surgery. :)

mayberry said...

I agree with Stimey. You've had your quota of surgeries now!

YF said...

So glad that all went well. Tom has had 4 surgeries since we met.... Hopefully this will be SD last one. Heal up! The comment on the uninterrupted talk is too funny tho - you guys need a good date night soon! xoxo C

Bob said...

You know you don't have young children and don't have to worry about snow in the winter time as you are in California, when you can drive up to help.

Asianmommy said...

Hope his recovery is quick & everything can get back to normal soon.