Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Star Wars, Star Wars, Riverdance

(Kind of like Duck Duck Goose, but not.)

At work yesterday, a manager from another business unit gave a run-down of their upcoming projects. The PowerPoint listed the latest release of their software with the title “Alderaan.”

You could immediately tell who knew their Star Wars lore. I turned to my left, where my colleague and I both smothered a giggle, “Alderaan? It’s that a little inauspicious?”

Someone across the table mouthed “Blew up???”

Alderaan is the planet that was blown up by the Death Star. It’s like naming your project “Titanic.”

When I came home from work today, Q-ster wanted to play Star Wars. He was Obi-wan and I was Padme, and we greeted each other in character. “This is Anakin Skywalker,” he said, gesturing to Buster.

The micro dude blinked at me and said, “An-kin.”
“Are you a little Padawan Learner now?”

At least he’s getting parts than he used to. His big brother had him play an Ewok for weeks before getting promoted to Anakin.

In a conversation tonight that was probably triggered by an explanation of the house security system, Q-ster asked, “Why do people break into houses?”
“Bad people break into houses sometimes and take things that aren’t theirs.”
“But why do they do it?”

Not feeling like taking a dip into psychology and the underworld, I copped out and said, ”Maybe they’ve gone to the Dark Side.”

“Mom! This is REAL life, the Dark Side is just pretend.”

Busted by my four-year-old again.

Lest you think we are nothing but warfare here in Chez M, I am taking Q-ster to an Irish dance class tomorrow. It may be an unparalleled disaster, or he may love it as much as he loves pretending to star in Riverdance at home. We’ll find out.


mayberry said...

Oh well. The Dark Side was worth a try. Can't wait to hear about the riverdancing class!

Bob said...

Wow, comprehending too much.

Anonymous said...

Some cars in my daughter's daycare parking lot were broken into, and she had a really hard time understanding why. My mother-in-law told her that the thieves wanted money to buy drugs, so now we get lots of questions about drugs. Not my idea of a good time.