Thursday, February 04, 2010

Seven Red Things

I am jumping on this meme even thought I mostly hate memes, because it’s been a really long week and I’ve used up all my words. Hat tip to Stimey for the idea.

Necklace made for me by Q-ster, "because you like red."

Towels received as wedding gifts, now worn and tattered, awaiting either the Goodwill bin or being made into space aliens.

The alpha lobster in my plush sea life family. SwingDaddy bought him for me on our honeymoon, and I named him Rhedd, to match my childhood lobster toy, Scarlet.

Sigg water bottle, with BPA in the liner, that I've really been meaning to get rid of.

External hard drive for work.

The very cool printer that Rugger Mom and family got me for birthday/Christmas. I can plug my camera right into it, and it prints little stickers. Great party toy!

I had been checking out this fashion book for years on Amazon, and finally saw the price drop. $1.44 plus $3.99 shipping!

Q-ster looked at it: "Red. Car. Pet. I don't get it."


mayberry said...

ha ha -- Red Car Pet! It reminds me of Ramona the Pest and "Nosmo King."

Anonymous said...

Rhedd made me laugh. How fitting!

fourthbreakfast said...

Reminds me of (Brit) Graham Norton dressed in an American football uniform reading cue cards. "I'm going to go to the Superb Owl!"

Stimey said...

Great pictures! I'm super intrigued by your sticker printer. I've never heard of one of those. So cool.

I am also endlessly amused by your plush sea life collection.