Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Magic Kingdom, Take One

This is ancient history, but I never did get around to writing about our first trip to Disneyland. The boys change so much in a matter of months - back in September when we made the trip, Buster was only saying ”vroom” to indicate a car, instead of being able to name every last character that Pixar devised for Cars.

The kids slept perfectly during the night drive down south, in sharp comparison to the trail of tears the year prior. We had a pleasant time with my folks, who kindly watched Buster while we made the Disney pilgrimage the next day with Q-ster.

First up – Star Tours! Which of course, was pure bliss for the little dude.

Next, I knew we should hit Jedi training, which I learned about from Linsey. The Mace Windu-like lead Jedi had so-so martial arts skills, but his patter was perfection. He warmed up the crowd and the waiting children (and parents) cheered.

“Who wants to be a Jedi? Take a moment to memorize what you’re wearing.”

I thought he meant for the parents to check out their children to better identify them, but no. It was for the children to look down at their own clothing. He started to call them up to the stage as they begged to be chosen. “You in the blue shirt, come up and be a Jedi! You in the striped hat!” Without that moment to self-identify their outfits, most of the kids wouldn’t realize that they were being addressed.

Not surprisingly, Q-ster declined to participate in the swirling crowd of bigger strangers. His reasoning was perfect. “I don’t need Jedi training because I’m already a Jedi.”

We had a blast with the Jedi, Pirates of the Caribbean (where I got soaked in the big downhill splash), Autopia, Finding Nemo (the cleverly re-branded 20,000 Leagues under the Sea submarines) and Dumbo (which had the longest lines in the entire park, perhaps due to the post-Labor Day, largely preschool crowd).

We hustled past Frontierland before Q-ster could notice the Indiana Jones Adventure, which he’s too short to ride. We danced to some ragtime piano played four hands by the resident musician and an impressively talented guest. We even made it back on Star Tours a second time before Q-ster declared he was tired and ready to go home.

We got off pretty easy with the souvenirs. The idea was to minimize damage to our other son, so the little dude knew not to even ask for a hard plastic lightsaber, though he was mighty tempted by the blasters. I figure they have years ahead of them for weapons play, so we’ll hold to the plushies and imaginative use of Legos for another year.

Q-ster chose a deck of Star Wars playing cards and some candy, while I located my treasured Mickey Mouse-shaped rice krispy treats with chocolate dipped ears. We picked up a ball-shaped Winnie the Pooh for the ball-obsessed micro dude, and headed home, satisfied guests of the Disney empire.


Bob said...

It's magic, I didn't get to go to Disneyland till I was about 30. Tiki House blew me away.

Mayberry said...

oh WOW, I didn't know about the Star Wars part. We are thinking about Disneyland after my sister's wedding this August. (Is it insane to go to Disneyland in August??)