Friday, February 12, 2010

If Our Family Was Made of Little Clay Creatures

This is how we’d look!

My parents brought us this cute set of figurines that represent the Chinese zodiac years for each of us (Tiger and Dog, with little Rooster and Rat for the boys).

The shop had all the combinations for customers to assemble. I especially like the spiny dragons.

Happy Chinese New Year!


Stimey said...

That is adorable and incredible. How cool! Happy New Year!

Mir said...

Wait, wait. Is SwingDaddy younger than you? I confess I went and looked up the Zodiac because I'm Year of the Pig and thought we were the same age (I guess you're a little older than me). I had no idea you were such a sly cradlerobber, or that he looks so good for his age. Either way. ;)

Anonymous said...

Cute, I love them, especially because I would get to be a spiny dragon.

Happy New Year!

mayberry said...

That is totally adorable! We have Chinese Zodiac Christmas tree ornaments (because that makes sense) but they are a more traditional style.

Asianmommy said...

These are adorable! Where is this store?

Happy New Year!