Friday, February 19, 2010

Ice, Ice, Baby

SwingDaddy’s recovery from knee surgery has been going smoothly so far. The hospital sent us home with a “pneumatic compression and circumferential cold therapy” Game Ready device which has helped make him a lot more comfortable. That, and the Vicodin, although he’s mostly off that by now.

The Game Ready has a compartment where you put ice water, and it pumps the liquid through a tube that circulates it through a sleeve surrounding the injury, keeping it nicely cool. Medical technology has certainly been improving. The control panel shows the temperature of the water and lets you set how long you want it to run. The only thing it doesn’t do is carry itself to the sink to dump out the melted ice and replace it with new cubes, which is kind of a heavy and messy process.

The whole family loves to solve problems, so everyone got into the plan. My dad suggested scooping out the water, which eliminated the hauling/lifting problem. My mom brought rubber gloves, which were key because dealing extensively with ice water gets painful to the hands. SwingDaddy thought that maybe we could freeze small containers of water, which would be easier to replace.

In the end, I bought a dozen 8-ounce bottles of water, poured out a bit from each one to leave room for expansion, and froze the whole set. Now I just don a glove, retrieve the bottles containing the melted water from the Game Ready compartment, replace them with frozen bottles, and put the original set back in the freezer. We’re rotating though three sets of bottles, which means the fresh ones are frozen solid and last for a couple of hours. It’s a tidy and pleasing system, which could only be made better by not having an injury in the first place.

Q-ster also contributed by bringing his Leapster to set by the bedside so that his dad would have entertainment, as well as doing some fetching and carrying. Buster helps by being cute. The first week has gone well, and we’re all looking forward to when SwingDaddy can walk without crutches again.

(No disclosures to make: The Game Ready is a rental for which we’re paying. This FTC stuff is kind of tiresome, but I guess it’s better to be safe than sorry.)


Bob said...

Should e-mail this to Game-Ready, it's almost a patentable idea.

Anonymous said...

great problem solving! I use the same technique for the Burning Man cooler, and drink the refreshingly cold water as the ice melts in the bottles.
Mme A

Anonymous said...

The FTC disclosure made me laugh. The idea of a mommy blogger being recruited to pump a device like this is sort of funny. Can you imagine?

"My kids give me SUCH a headache. And a knee ache, too. Thankfully, Game-Ready is here to help!"

Lady M said...

Amber - You're brilliant! They should have a headache model with a headwrap.

mayberry said...

I would buy the headache model in a heartbeat!

ewe are here said...

I've always just used bags of frozen peas as ice packs. They work beautifully, and since I hate peas, no fear of accidentally eating them (after constantly un/refreezing).

Hope his knee heals quickly. I had open knee surgery once and woke up on a perpetual motion machine. Oh the joys... not.