Wednesday, February 03, 2010


While the boys were playing tonight, Buster whacked his big brother on the head with a plastic block. Tears ensued, and we consoled Q-ster with the much coveted Mr. Bump cold pack.

Buster saw Mr. Bump and loudly demanded it.

“No, no, your brother needs it.”

Grabby little hands approached.

Q-ster asked, “Do you want me to hit him on the head so that he can have a turn using Mr. Bump too?”

Ah no, let’s just leave things as they are. But it’s very thoughtful to offer your help.


mayberry said...

Such altruism!

Anonymous said...


Fourth Breakfast

Bob said...

Clever and Funny

Anonymous said...

I suppose he's just trying to be thoughtful, right? Eep!