Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Bride of Non Sequitur Theater

1) I wrote a post at Silicon Valley Moms Blog about how I had a disastrous scrapbooking experience, and I thought was kind of amusing, but it got posted on the same day as a very impressive missive about the value of education. So, I’m a little embarrassed to be so trivial and must remind myself that I have a different mission in blogging.

2) I am highly entertained by the psychological profiles developed by credit card issuers that I read via BlogHer. Apparently, if you use your credit card at a bar, it indicates you’ll probably miss a payment soon. If you pay for a dentist appointment, you’re less likely to miss a payment. And people who buy those little felt pads to put under the feet of their furniture? Almost never default on credit payments.

3) SwingDaddy is scheduled for knee surgery tomorrow. It was a massive polka pileup on the dance floor. No, not really - it was a ski accident.

Please keep us in your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

oh dear, ouch. I hope he has a smooth recovery! Best wishes, TB

mayberry said...

Reading this on Wednesday - hope everything is going smoothly. Let us know when you can. I'm sure he'll be back on the slopes/dance floor soon.