Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bedtime, When the Server Status Really Matters

Admittedly, we are a geeky little family. We live in Silicon Valley. SwingDaddy and I both work in tech. We play Star Wars and the micro dude wants to tinker with his dad’s “icePhone.”

The kids are also well versed in the treasures of YouTube. The fashion changes – we used to watch America’s Best Dance Crew clips endlessly, and then Star Wars Lego cut scenes. These days before bedtime stories, the boys sit on my lap and we watch either a music video from the music Cars or one of the Mater’s Tall Tales shorts.

Now and again, the server goes down, and YouTube is temporarily inaccessible. This is, as you may imagine, a disaster beyond comprehension.

A couple of days ago, I came downstairs with a wailing, back-arching, inconsolable child in my arms. SwingDaddy raised his eyebrows. “Did he get hurt?”

“No, the server’s down.”
Ah, Buster is learning early, those traumas of technical difficulties. I rebooted the server, headed back upstairs, and we watched “Life is a Highway” for the four thousandth time.

Last night, I discovered that the server was offline when we sat down for a bedtime video, and it was already late in the evening, so I punted and looked for something on the hard drive of my work laptop that we could watch. I found the photo montage that we set to music for Q-ster’s first year, and Buster was happy to look at his brother’s baby photos.

He demanded more when it was finished, but the only other video I have on that PC is a product placement clip that the Company did on 24 a few years back. We watched the Counter Terrorist Unit specialist shamelessly plug our product, and then read Moo Baa Lalala. All in an evening’s work as a parent.

That does remind me though – we need to create the Year One photo montage for Buster before he turns two. And I should decide whether or not to order the DVD of Mater’s Tall Tales from Amazon or not, given the recent Amazon/Macmillan debacle.


Asianmommy said...

Haha! I feel like wailing, too, when the server is down. :)

Bob said...

May have to store some stuff on hard drives to tie over server problems.

Anonymous said...

We watched the Olympic Opening Ceremonies online. Thankfully they were live, but it was still a bit of a late night for the kids. At precisely 9pm, just as they were raising the legs on the cauldron (with limited success) the feed died. It was SO disappointing because we'd been waiting years to see the Olympic flame lit in Vancouver, but it was even harder on the kids. Oh, the crying!

Technical difficulties at bedtime are bad news, man.

mayberry said...

We recently found - a nice alternative to youtube for kids.

Mine LOVE pictures/videos of themselves anytime!