Sunday, February 07, 2010

Another Holiday Gone Awry

Remember the Darth Vader Easter Basket? Here’s a heart shaped box of chocolates with an image of Darth Vader and Anakin. Who is coming up with this stuff? At least a picture of Anakin and Padme could be construed as romantic.

In related news, Buster has been asking me to “Read Darf Vader!” from the book sent by our kindly friends at Waltzing with Widgets. It’s the easy-reader version of whole story - from Anakin as a innocent child, learning to be a Jedi, turning to the dark side, doing terrible things, and eventually repenting with the help of his son.

For those of us who are children of the 70’s and 80’s, it’s a little weird to see it laid out so tidily in a little book. “Luke, I am your father!” was such a stunner to us. I guess for the young’uns, everyone just knows it, the way I know who Rosebud is, even though I haven’t seen Citizen Kane.


mayberry said...

It's almost the same picture on the book and the candy box! Odd.

Anonymous said...

Glad he's enjoying the book! What a cutie he is too.

Actually your post reminded me of how I felt about 'Lost' -- I've been doing some catch-up now that Season 6 is here, and the summaries of the previous 5 are occasionally so straight-forward that I almost forget what was originally a cliff-hanger or big Question.

Asianmommy said...

It's so funny how they try to make hearts & valentines manly.

Anonymous said...

Creepy candy! Although Darth / Anakin IS sort of narcissistic, I think. I could see where they're going with that.