Monday, January 11, 2010

The View From Here

Some observations:

1) On a blue and white striped sweater, why does the blueberry stain inevitably land on the white stripe?

2) The likelihood of me resisting the Cupcake Courier is decreasing day by day, as the boys' birthday season approaches. Such a cute (although bulky) container!

3) Some folks have dogs or cats that sleep at the foot of the bed. We have an octopus.

Buster can takes great pleasure in identifying animals these days. Bird! Kitty! Doggie!

And of course, "O-pus!"


Anonymous said...

I am also tempted to buy something like the Cupcake Courier. I spend lots of time at the store picking them up and putting them back. I'm bound to not put it back one day.

mayberry said...

At my kid's school, cupcakes are not allowed ... so you'd have to use the courier to tote whole-grain carrot muffins.

Bob said...

Fun comments, brighten up the day.