Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Queen, Druck, and Moan

Good God, this child is lucky.

Buster has developed a deep love for the characters from the movie Cars, much like his older brother a few years back. All the grandparents have kindly supported his obsession, and his collection has grown from the one Lightning McQueen (Queen!) to a whole fleet, including Mater the Tow Truck (Druck!) and Ramone (Moan!).

It's been fun to see how each boy's likes and dislikes are so individual. At this age, Q-ster could not be parted from his drumsticks and broomsticks. He loved the movie Cars, but actual toy cars weren't anything particularly special.

Buster isn't as interested in drumming, making him an overall lower decibel child (although he's louder vocally), and instead loves balls and cars. Tonight, we kept him company as he pushed his little toys around the floor, chirping away about Queen and Moan.

If you also have a Cars fan in your home, check out these Pixar shorts: Cars Toons: Mater’s Tall Tales.


Bob said...

A fleet of Cars, that's something-lucky kid.

mayberry said...

We happened along those shorts in between shows on the Disney channel -- very cute.

My son has Cars flannel sheets (a gift). If you buy some, proofread first: His call McQueen the "rookin" of the year.