Sunday, January 24, 2010

The New Masters

The preschool teachers have outdone themselves again. Check out this octopus (the letter of the week was “O”) made from tracings of Q-ster’s fingers. “For you, mommy!”

We’ve thrilled at how his coloring and drawing have progressed this year. There were several long months where every piece of artwork was a roughly circular black crayon squiggle.

“Could you tell me about your picture, sweetie?”
“It’s the Death Star!”

And it went on, week after week. I couldn’t tell whether it was lack of interest in drawing, and therefore a quick scrawl satisfied the requirements, whether it was an artistic limitation, or whether we’d be getting concerned calls in middle school years about our son’s potential troubled streak.

Suddenly, he just got interested in coloring. I printed pages of Star Wars, Handy Manny, and Wiggles pictures for him to color. He paid great attention to detail. He started drawing (non-Death Star creations.) He used crayons other than black and brown. Hooray!

Last week, he brought back this Styrofoam contraption. “It’s my sculpture.”
There is usually some kind of theme involved at preschool – January has featured snowmen and igloos so far, so I inquired, “What is it?”


I see that we have moved into abstract representation already.


Bob said...

Nice octopus, clever.

Modern art already?

Desiree said...

We have a lot of "art" coming in from school too, ranging from elaborate projects from the art studio to a piece of paper with some staples in it - all labeled "art!"

ps - strangely, my word verification below says "artive." Where do they come up with this stuff?

mayberry said...

Love the octopus - we recently got a stegosaurus based on a traced hand too.

Anonymous said...

My own daughter did a similar thing some months ago. She went from not being interested in drawing at all, to spending hours engaged in it. I'm glad that she's developed this interest, although I will confess that our 'finished work' drawer runneth over a little too much sometimes.

Kimberly said...

Heh. "Art."
He clearly has a future!