Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More Things For Feet

It’s a combination of holiday flashback and continuance of the Star Wars footwear theme. Yes, yes, we’re grasping for coherent topics

It seems fitting that the year I finally have four stockings and four stocking holders in advance of the Christmas season is the year that I can’t actually decorate the mantle with them because a certain 18 month old would pull on said stockings, bringing a heavy stocking holder (or two or three or four) flying down to his forehead.

So, we only got to enjoy this fireplace look for Christmas Eve, but we have next year to look forward to.

Q-ster had been persistently requesting “Jedi boots” to wear inside the house, since our household habit is to remove shoes within our home. Plus, I believe individuals are motivated not to kick things too hard (i.e. furniture or little brothers, for that matter) when their toes are unprotected, and his fabulous outdoor Jedi boots would tilt the balance of power.

I was able to find these knit slipper-socks at Nordstrom, and he was delighted to receive them Christmas morning. For those who may want to indulge their little Star Wars fan, note that I removed a set of pink pom-poms from the “boots” prior to taking this photograph, rendering them Jedi-worthy. The costume world opens up more widely when one is willing to shop on both sides of the store!


Bob said...

Creative boot making. Lucky kid.

mayberry said...

We have those stocking holders and in past years they have been yanked down ... it's not pretty! (Luckily no skulls have suffered, thank goodness.)

Stimey said...

GREAT Jedi boots! I have to say, you present the best reason for a shoeless indoors that I have ever heard.

Asianmommy said...

Haha! Your world is so different from mine. I had to look for a tall dollhouse with small people, small furniture, and a tiny Christmas tree with lights.

Anonymous said...

What is it with pulling down the stockings? We have some pretty lightweight stocking holders, but I still gave up replacing them after the first couple of hours.