Thursday, January 21, 2010

More Chatter from the Boys

On a drive a while back, SwingDaddy and I were talking about a colleague who’d been named a Distinguished Engineer at the Company. As one of us said, “He’s now a DE,” Buster called out from the back seat, “F!”

Ah yes, the heady days of learning the alphabet.

A bunch of us were enjoying a holiday gathering at the home of friends currently undergoing major renovations. Q-ster’s little friend A looked at a hole in the ceiling, and said she was worried about rats coming down.

A’s mom reported that Q-ster replied, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.”

Very sweet, although I’m not sure exactly what he would have done about it. Lightsaber, anyone?

Buster used to see his big brother’s Lego Star Wars shirt and say, “Jones!”

It would drive Q-ster nuts. “It’s NOT Indiana Jones!

It’s a good thing that the micro dude’s vocabulary has now expanded to include the ever so important “Sta-Wa” for Star Wars.

Q-ster’s been “Irish dancing” around the living room a lot, and I asked if he wanted me to move the CD player, so he could put on music while he danced. He said no, he didn’t want a CD. He wanted a band. They could sit on the side of the room, just like in the Riverdance show. High expectations, kid.


mayberry said...

The kid has high standards, and is a friend to the musicians' union!

Bob said...

All the Lego people in a line, going to see a 3D movie?

Anonymous said...

The DE thing is cracking me up. Also, impressing me. The Micro Dude sounds like one smart cookie!