Thursday, January 07, 2010

Have Yourself an Eco Little Christmas

I’ve written about making simple fabric gift bags before, but I thought I’d revisit since fabric stores having holiday patterns on massive discount right now. A friend of mine joked about using a stapler if you don’t have a sewing machine, but you could also ask a friend to use hers for a few hours. Just make sure to pick prints with a dark background (not white) so that the recipient can’t see through the material and guess the gift!

My family has been using fabric bags for generations. My mom has had hers for a few decades, and the oldest of mine have lasted 15 years so far. I love bringing out the pretty prints year after year – they have memories of their own, just like special tree ornaments. I made a batch of new bags last year, since the old sizes, which were primarily for adult gifts like books and CDs, weren’t big enough to hold things like boxes of Lego and toy firefighter helmets.

Besides saving all that gift paper from being tossed away, it also makes wrapping a pinch. This year, I didn’t wrap anything until Christmas Eve, and I was done within an hour. There are always a few packages wrapped in paper from relatives who have shipped them to us, so the kids have something to rip and tear, but mostly our tree is surrounded by brightly colored, re-usable bundles.


mayberry said...

So what's the etiquette on reusing? You only use for gifts w/in immediate fam? Or you retrieve from recipient after opening?

Lady M said...

We use for the immediate family and everyone gets back their original bags. I've started introducing the bags for friends as well, expecting that they'll keep the bags (and hopefully re-use them). For all the little girl birthday parties last year, I used a silky pink material, and the bags ended up being more prized than the presents!

Anonymous said...

They do look lovely. One of these years, I swear, I'll get it together to make some of my own.

YF said...

I totally love the idea, don't have the machine, but I will try to make it happen. thanks for the reminder!