Sunday, January 17, 2010

Gift Food Wins and So-so’s

Over the last two years, we’ve given and received a lot of food gifts, so here’s my take in case you’re looking for ideas for birthdays, Mother’s Day, President’s Day, and next Christmas.

Harry and David – magnificent pears. Before a gift package arrived, we’d purchased some fruit from the grocery store, which then sat neglected for several days. SwingDaddy noted, “We should eat some of the mortal pears today,” so that they wouldn’t spoil while we were savoring the clearly divine Harry and David pears.

Speaking of divine, the petit fours from Divine Delights rock. Beautiful and tasty!

Wolferman’s – the muffins, scones, and such were fine, but not good enough to be worth the expense with the fancy packaging.

Harry and David iced cookies – I ordered the Halloween arrangement two years ago, because the photo looked so great. However, the cookies were individually shrink wrapped, and upon unwrapping, the edges all crumbled, ruining the look, and the taste was nothing special.

Chocolate dipped fruit from Edible Arrangements – stunning presentation and quite tasty. A good gift if there are lots of people to consume it quickly.

Do you have any food favorites to share?

No disclosures to make: No vendors provided any free product or payment.


Anonymous said...

I have never given a food gift, and the companies would likely be different in Canada anyway. However, I just had to say that those petit fours look AMAZING. I must find some petit fours!

mayberry said...

I have given Edible Arrangements on your reco, and received great feedback.

If you have a giftee who loves cured meats (heh) you have to go with Milwaukee's own Usinger's.