Monday, December 21, 2009

Waffle Fail

Darn it. I didn’t want to crowd our freezer and stockpiling frozen waffles seemed so silly, but in retrospect, I should have bought the Eggo stash at Costco when I had the chance. The store-brand substitutes are not very tasty.

Resetting Expectations for the Holidays

I am not going to be making many if any felt ornaments for the tree, and that’s ok.
I will not be baking multiple types of decorated cookies, and that’s ok.
I may not succeed in getting the boys to draw charming handmade gifts for their grandparents, and that’s ok.
The Christmas cards will not arrive before Christmas, and that’s ok.
Instead, we are snuggling, reading stories, and re-enacting the entire Star Wars saga in great detail. The boys are bursting with personality and I’m treasuring every moment.

Well, I’m treasuring all the moments when they aren’t whining or chewing on crayons.

Also, we are alarmed at how adept at negotiating Q-ster has become. Tonight’s snack negotiation was truly a masterpiece that should be studied by diplomats at the United Nations. SwingDaddy says that this is my fault for passing on the gene, and he’s probably right.

In yet another unrelated topic, happy Winter Solstice! I’m not going to do a full emergency preparedness post, but I did refresh our water supplies today. Those of you caught in the Snowpocalypse, also known on Twitter as #snOMG, will remind everyone that having food and water on hand is a good idea!


Anonymous said...

I am all about resetting holiday expectations right now. Oh, the list of things that aren't going to happen. But, as you say, that's OK.

Asianmommy said...

The water main broke in front of our house, so this morning I had to fill up buckets of water to save for the rest of the day. It really makes you think about how lucky we are & how much we take for granted. Truly, it's just the simple things that we really need.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, Asianmommy!

Yeah, my expectations for today were: live through it and eat.

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