Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Team Alice

A few more of my colleagues were bitten by the Twilight bug, which leads to the discussion of whether one is for Team Edward (handsome, brooding vampire) or Team Jacob (handsome, brooding werewolf). Personally, I find both to be too high-maintenance and dramatic for my tastes. I’d rather be Alice, with her future-seeing capabilities and divine sense of style.

Coincidentally, this is the first time in my entire life that I’ve wanted a movie star’s haircut. Maybe it will help me predict the future too.


mayberry said...

It looks good on you!

Bob said...

Alice has way too much hair, it's probably a wig or hair extensions.
Nothing like having real hair that can do this hair style-good job.

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks great!

As for me, I have not seen or read anything Twilight-related, but I feel obliged to be on Team Jacob, as Jacob is my son's name. It's a family loyalty thing. ;)

Desiree said...

I love Alice's hair too and had pondered getting my hair like hers too, but I know it would never turn out as good as yours did!

Stimey said...

It's definitely a good cut! I don't know anything about the Twilight books, but future-seeing sure would be handy!

kittenpie said...

Oh! You look different with that hair! Of course, I haven't been around here (or anywhere bloggy, to be honest) for a while, but there is something about it - is it the bangs that make it look so different? Did you not have them before?

Anyhow, yes, it's v cute and would never work with my hair, leaving me yet again envious of people with reasonable hair.

As always, hoping to get back into the bloggy world if I can manage the time. Dont know how you do it so consistently!